What the Clients are saying about EuroVision windows and doors...

Lawrence and Antje McIntyre - Golden Bay Hideaway...

After working and doing research in Germany I realised the importance of highly thermally efficient windows. The reason is that the windows are the weakest link when considering the insulation of the building envelope.

I returned to New Zealand wanting to build highly energy efficient houses. I looked around at what was currently available. Having worked in the aluminium industry, it was obvious that aluminium framing for windows and doors is far from energy efficient due to its conductivity.

I heard about EuroVision windows and doors and arranged to see some examples. We found that they were just what we were looking for, having seen them already in Europe. I did not expect to find the product so readily available, and we were really pleased that we did not have to import anything. EuroVision solved the problem for us.

What I liked was the clip-on aluminium exterior providing permanent low maintenance; also the easy-clean surface on the inside for wifey, with the solid wood composite frame for insulation and strength.

Barry was taken aback at the fact that I was after the highest spec glass system for insulation - more than just the standard double-glazed unit. These windows and doors are strong enough to carry the sheer weight of the glass.

The higher quality of German hardware was an advantage because you use the doors everyday.

Since installation, the house had exceeded the insulation expectation that I had. Considering a third of the house is windows, they play a significant role in the insulation of the building envelope, and this has been a major contributor to achieving the 9 out of 10 HERS rating for the "Little Greenie".

I have also been more than happy with the service that we received.

Graham and Cheryl Nevill - Dry Hills, Blenheim...

Just a note to thank you for our Eurovision windows and doors and to say how great we think they are. We have found them very practical and look good in our home. We especially like the way the doors tilt giving air flow along with security. Being able to access any area outside be it to the terrace or patio is a plus and the woodgrain finish adds to the décor of the house.

We were very pleased with the service from you and your team and are impressed with the follow up visit, making sure that all the windows were sitting well and behaving themselves.

We had a visit from people from the UK who had lived in Switzerland and they were thrilled that they could get Eurovision windows and doors in NZ now as they plan to build here in the future. We have given them your contact details.

We have had a number of visitors to see our house (94 in fact) and they have been impressed with the Eurovision system.

Thank you again.

Peter and Jill Yarrell - Waikawa...

Jill and I decided to accept Christine and Barry's quote for the supply of Eurovision Windows and sliding and Bi-fold doors for our new home at Waikawa Bay (near Picton). They were installed by Barry and his team in conjunction with my builder.

The first comments that guests to our home make is "Where did you get those amazing windows?" We proudly tell them of Christine and Barry at Eurovision. The neat finish and timber look is the first that impresses. When the windows are opened some ask, "Are these made by BMW?"

Jill and I are absolutely delighted with our choice. There is not a breath of air penetrating the home in a gale. We now wonder why we have purchased heating as the house is always temperate and maintains this day and night. I think the windows combine with the Hebel light weight concrete cladding to do this. Thought must be given to your style of curtaining and blinds that you will run with this joinery when making your decision. We are using a mixture of blinds and curtains to configure well with the windows. As to price they were just a smidgen more than locally made Smartwood joinery, but in our view, absolutely superior.

Come and visit us anytime and check this all out for yourselves. We congratulate EuroVision for bringing these windows to New Zealand.

Gavin and Sue O'Donnell - Motueka...

We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work. They operate exactly how you said they would.

The 'finished when fitted' design of these windows reduced our overall installation costs because less time was required for interior finishing and painting of each window. They arrived on site, were simply screwed into place, the room lining fixed, stopped and painted. The job was done.

We also like the aluminium exterior and a range of very durable pre finished laminated timber interior options. The ability to open the windows so that the exterior glass is on the inside of the room is a great asset for easy and safe cleaning, especially on the upstairs level. It is wonderful to have the ability to tilt the windows for ventilation without compromising security, creating a direct draft, or paper blowing off the office desk. With the wide space double glazing the temperature inside our home is certainly comfortable at all times and the outside noise levels are greatly reduced. In fact we have had to install a gate alarm to alert us of arriving visitors as we simply are not able to hear cars and trucks when they arrive at our farm. Visitors to our home are amazed and completely in awe of the look and practicality these windows provide. Most have never seen anything like them before.

Thank you to the team at Eurovision.

Ian and Sarah Cole - 'Atholwood'...

In August 2007 Eurovision supplied the external joinery for our new property. The joinery was produced to a high standard. Although we had some small delays on delivery, Barry and his team produced an excellent product and their back-up throughout has been exemplary.

We have no hesitation in recommending Eurovision as a company to any future customers.


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What they're saying about our windows and doors...
We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work... [more...]

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