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EuroVision timber and aluminium Windows and Doors

EuroVision offers an excellent range of elegant quality windows and doors with double and triple glazing options to meet the needs of any home or building project. All EuroVision timber and aluminium profiles have been developed to work seamlessly together, delivering you and your designer many different design options.

Below is information on Double & Triple Glazing for Wooden-Aluminium Windows and Doors. You will find more information about our products in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

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Double & Triple Glazing

Subject to some exacting standards, double glazing has been around for a while. EuroVision uses only 24mm, believed by some to be the optimal thickness for units in New Zealand! Here are some of the advantages:

  • It is warmer in winter as it is designed to keep the heat in.
  • Conversely, it is cooler in summer as the outside layer of glass keeps the heat out.
  • Because of this heat retention, your power bills will be lower, both in summer with no air conditioning and in winter with less heating loss.
  • You will no longer require costly thermal drapes in your home, the benefits are there in your windows!
  • Double glazing has long been known for its noise reduction capability, handy as building sections get smaller and the neighbours get closer.
  • The value added overall to your property for outweighs the initial additional cost.

We also have a triple glazing option! Of course, this further reduces heat-loss and provides greater insulation.

Imagine all these features and still having the benefit of warm timber inside your home and you are imagining the EuroVision window and door system.

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We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work... [more...]

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