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EuroVision offers an excellent range of elegant quality windows and doors to meet the needs of any home or building project. All EuroVision timber and aluminium profiles have been developed to work seamlessly together, delivering you and your designer many different design options.

Below is information on EuroVision's unique Bi-folding Doors and Windows. You will find more information about our products in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Beautiful window and door designs

EuroVision Bi-Folding Doors and Windows - large openings and turn/tilt

The benefits of Bi-folding doors and windows are well appreciated. But, there is a difference with EuroVision Bifold Windows and Doors...

Bi-fold doors are known first, as a standard access door, but secondly, as a larger entry for that true indoor-outdoor flow. EuroVision adds to this the unique feature of being able to use our unique tilt function technology on one of the doors for ventilation - giving you even more options with your joinery!

Using the EuroVision bi-fold system allows you to have up to 7 panels wide. Each panel has a maximum width of 940mm and has various folding/concertina combinations. With such a set-up you can also have a single door at one end able to utilise the unique EuroVision® turn/tilt functionality feature.

Likewise, all these features are to be found in the windows as well.

What are some of the key benefits of the EuroVision Bi-folding Doors and Windows?

  • Excellent ventilation with tilt function - just like the standard turn/tilt doors and windows, you can tilt a door or window to ventilate your room, with the knowledge that your home is still secure.
  • Triple rubber seals prevent air and water leaks - using exactly the same profiles throughout the entire EuroVision range means that the benefits of triple rubber seals and double glazing units are enjoyed in all our products.
  • Large openings are possible - with up to seven panels to allow good indoor-outside flow.

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What they're saying about our windows and doors...
We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the service you have provided in supplying the Eurovision windows for our home. We have lived with these windows now for over 5 months and simply love how they work... [more...]

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