Energy efficiency for windows in New Zealand homes

Return on Investment Analysis highlights potential savings with EuroVision Windows:

EuroVision windows provide the best ROI

A recent independent ROI analysis was performed for a proposed dwelling in the South Island, that compared various aluminium window options. The analysis was performed using the BRANZ ALF (annual loss factor) software. Loss figures are energy units in kwh (kilo watts per hour) over a heating season, so 15c per kwh is used taking into consideration any heating system's internal losses.

Here's how they compare:

ROI Analysis test

The following table compares a house with aluminium frames with aluminium thermal broken frames.

Aluminium frame, double - glazed windows Aluminium thermal broken frames, double - glazed windows, low-e and argon filled

41783 kwh per year 20497 kwh per year

House B, with it's thermal broken frames and low-e and argon filled double-glazed windows, reduces the energy loss by 21286 kwh, or the equivalent saving of $3,192.90 at the energy charge rates at the time of the report (and energy costs have continued to rise since then). But it goes further, for that translates into a huge ROI saving also.

Based on 118 m2 of window area and current costs, the following table shows highly interesting analysis results:

ROI Window Analysis
Type of WindowM2 CostTotal CostKWH Loss p/aSavings p/aROI after period
Aluminium Double-Glazed (D/G) $515 $60770 41783 base: 0 0
Aluminium D/G with low-e $565 $66670 35044 $1010 5.8 years
Aluminium D/G with low-e and argon   $69220 32920 $1329 6.4 years
Thermal Broken Frames, D/G $650 $76700 29361 $1863 8.6 years
Thermal Broken Frames, D/G with low-e $700 $82600 23114 $2800 7.8 years
Thermal Broken Frames, D/G with low-e and argon   $84850 20497 $3193 7.5 years

Looking long term, the thermal broken frame, double-glazed with low-e and argon windows clearly stand out as the best ROI. What's more, the energy savings calculated do not include further savings through an improvement in air-tightness. EuroVision frames do not need condensation channels and out-lets where there are further losses in many window frames, so they save even more energy.

This is the EuroVision option, and why EuroVision windows have, since their beginning in New Zealand, been a most energy-efficient and cost-effective window system. When you consider these figures, you are saving money. And it doesn't end there!

Low maintenance saves costs

EuroVision's window and door has been well designed from the home-owner's maintenance point of view.

  • The aluminium exterior provides protection against weather and it's durability ensures years of maintenance-free exterior compared to timber-exterior windows, because there is no need for painting, staining, or oiling as is required for timber exteriors.
  • The interior timber frames are coated with a special protective finish that maintains the internal finish for longer.
  • The combination of double glazing and the thermally broken frame, substantially reduces potential for condensation. Without the moisture, the wooden finish will last longer.
  • The strong construction ensures endurance.
  • Quality hardware means many years of easy use of the window.

Proof of energy-saving and cost-saving windows in a New Zealand award winning home

The "proof is in the pudding", it is said. Well, it has been proved in New Zealand.

EuroVision's windows have been used in test-case homes, and prize-winning homes in New Zealand.

"The Little Greenie" is touted as "The most energy efficient home in New Zealand" having rated 9/10 in the New Zealand Home Energy Rating, featuring on the government's Energywise site, and it also features in several magazine articles such as the November 2009 issue of Build. This house features Eurovision's windows.

EuroVision has always worked hard to provide New Zealand homes with energy-efficiency and savings in mind. It's the obvious short-term and long-term option.

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